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Solid, Birch Plywood Cabinets

14 feet of cabinets

14 feet of cabinets

As you can see, we only use real wood for our garage cabinets. We have learned and witnessed from real-world experience that pressed-board (k3, melamine, plastic and even mdf - all of which chip, crack, flake and even crumble apart over time!), no matter how it is assembled or finished, is simply not the best material to use when constructing quality garage cabinets. Our 11-ply White Birch is a high quality grade, strong choice of wood to use for making garage cabinets.

All of our cabinets come fully finished with a smooth, clear lacquer on all sides. This helps to seal out moisture which also in turn makes them shine to bring out the natural beauty of real wood.

Our garage cabinets are very strong as all the cabinet components (sides, backs, doors, tops & bottoms as well as the shelves) are 3/4" thick. Using our strong joinery practices, techniques and good ole precision CNC machining adds to this strength so that nothing is needed to support the cabinets off the ground. As an added benefit for not having support legs, sweeping up underneath the cabinets is very easy! Secured into place with 4" long screws, they will easily hold anything you desire to store in them.

In fact, our garage cabinets are so well built that you can even walk on them without any worry of falling through!

Functionality by Design

Versatile, functional and fully customizable! 

Versatile, functional and fully customizable! 

Our garage cabinets are all designed to be installed 12” off of the floor. This is for the simple reason of having them completely removed from the main moisture zone in your garage, the cement floor. If nothing is touching the cement, no moisture can be soaked up into the cabinets over time. This is especially important in winter when snow, ice and slush is brought in with your vehicle.

Having our garage cabinets installed 12" clear of the floor also overcomes another very common problem with most garages these days - the cement curb! Typically this cement curb is 6 to 12" off the floor with the framing recessed on top making it very difficult to buy storage cabinets that can accommodate this issue. By designing our cabinets to clear this curb, we are able to solve 2  (actually 3)  of the biggest complaints homeowners have about garage cabinetry:

  • Moisture issues,
  • How to install any storage system tight to the wall with that curb in the way,
  • And, most importantly, the desire for Functional Storage Cabinets that work!

Designed Specific To You with Extended Lengths

Multiple Configurations

As pictured, all of our birch garage cabinets can be combined in different ways which allows for true customization to what you need, without the custom price tag! You can make any combination of cabinets that works best for you using the 3 standard sizes as pictured here.

All of our Birch Garage Cabinets are sold in a 7' long run of cabinets. Being modular, you can always add to it now (as pictured above) or later. Click on our Pricing & Options tab when you are ready where we give all of our pricing for every configuration.

We can also adapt our sizes to suit your layout requirements!

From taller towers to wider cabinets, our cabinets work for you!

Garage Cabinet Charts & Sizes

            For measurements, click on our PDF document to get exact cabinetry size charts.

Garage Cabinetry Charts.pdf

Adobe Acrobat document [185.9 KB]

Ease of Installation

 If you are a 'DIY' er, you are going to absolutely LOVE how Do It Yourself friendly our garage cabinets are to install!

All you will need is:

  • Tape Measure & Pencil
  • Level
  • Drill (with a #2 Robertson bit)
  • A Phillips hand screwdriver
  • And a Ladder

That's it!

When we deliver your fully assembled garage cabinets by Out West Garage, we will give you a simple overview on how to install them and you will be able to have them up and ready to use in about 2-4 hours - can be longer depending on the length of cabinets ordered. Our cabinets are fairly simple to install, but please keep in mind your ease of install will depend on you past experience of installing cabinets.

If you would rather have your new Birch Garage Cabinets professionally installed, we are pleased to offer this service as well.

We make Garage Calls! We service Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Lethbridge, Medicine hat, Red Deer, Edmonton and even Sherwood Park!

We make Garage Calls! We service Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Lethbridge, Medicine hat, Red Deer, Edmonton and even Sherwood Park!

Enjoy Your Garage Again!