Nice Garage Cabinets, but do you do any Custom Work??

You bet! This is Crafted Ingenuity!

Interior Renovations and Woodworking - Creatively Ingenious Cabinetry is our greatest specialty! From Unique Kitchens with curved islands, as well as fully optimized closets, beautiful ceilings to floating benches; we can only say - WOW!


Great Kitchens

What a Beautiful VG Fir kitchen cabinetry!

This owner was in need of a kitchen and quick!

Notice the solid wood floating shelves, the open backs on the two glass door cabinets to compliment the features of the log home as well as the farm sink incorporated into the design. There is a hidden waste disposal to the right of the sink that looks like a standard cabinet door. Complete turn around from start to finish was a speedy 4 weeks!


We designed the kitchen AND built the lower cabinets, had them installed within one week so they could get the granite measured up and ordered in a timely manner.

Fancy Islands

Check out the curves

This island was from quite a few years back around 2006. We remembered about it when we saw the place sold for over $1.3M recently in 2016. The pics are from a 4s iphone so not as good of a camera as todays... but... we are sure you'll still love the picture! Check out the curves we even did on the side of the drawer cabinets!

Niche Vanities

Floating vanities in Vertical Grain Fir as well as oak vanities with plenty of drawers.

Floating Benches

Does a pocket door leave you a difficult wall to work with?


This home needed some functional hanging and seating space.

We built a floating bench - with a knee-cap saving curve -  installed on a pocket door wall and it easily supports two people sitting on it. From a waste of space to a functional mud-room; what a transformation! (2 year olds can be amazing builders when they want a new play area as well!)

Maximized Closets

Go from lousy old bi-folds or passage doors with flimsy wire shelving to full out cabinetry!

The storage they have now is incredible!

These pics are from a master closet and a front closet retrofit.

We regularly rework the framing so we can go to full height cabinetry to the ceiling. Know how all of your closets have useless 24" of space that you can never really get into? You'll want to talk to us cause we really have solutions!




Need shoe storage space?

How about a full height sliding mirror with shoe storage behind it? This is a full closet as you can see, and the functionality of it is incredible!

Increase the heights of your closet and have access to that useless space above your bi-fold doors.

Red Room door closed.jpg

Unique bookcase behind doors

Got holes in the wall from door handles? Make a bigger hole and have a double sided bookcase! This bookcase has 9” deep shelves and is staggered with three openings on each side. So one room has three storage shelves, and the opposite room has the same design but shelves are staggered to have plenty of depth for each room as needed.


Typical closets really don't maximize -- but rather minimize space!

These Lockers Were Designed with functionality and Included Storage for the dog!

As many a dog owner will know, crates are something else to know where to put them! Originally this wall was to be a broom closet with bi-fold doors. Instead, it was made a pantry (large 8' glass door) along with 6 feet of lockers. This is the same area that has the floating bench from the pics above built into the area 10 years later!


Coffered Ceilings

Stippled ceilings are nice, but who wouldn't want a bit more beauty!

Making spaces that provide atmosphere

These coffered ceilings were designed and installed to enhance the beauty and mood of the entire room, and did it ever! We specialize in trendy and classic styles, custom built to fit any home.

Private & Commercial Millwork

This front desk was a challenge for our good friends over at Tribal Expressions. But WOW...

...did it ever turn out nice!

These pics show it being built in our shop in Black Diamond to completed install. Click through the gallery, or better yet go visit them on 16th Ave just East of SAIT.


Custom Desk Design in Oak

These oak desks were made for our good friends over at Crystal Services Inc. Its typically not a desk to them unless it's curved!!

Spectacular Eyewear Reception Desk and Display Cabinets

Etch Core - Updated High Gloss Cabinetry

Bonus!: Dovetail Solid Birch Drawers


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