Drawers, Shelving and Hanging Rods!



 Drawers, drawers and more drawers!

We sell 'em because we all love 'em! Drawers offer ease of accessibility and great use of storage space. Say good-bye to having to bend all the way down to see what got lost in the very back of the bottom shelf. All our drawers are built as solid as our cabinets. Best of all, they come with our standard, 100lb rated, ball bearing slides.

Drawers can be added to any of the base cabinets or in the bottom third of the tower cabinets. They are designed to have either 2 or 3 drawers in each cabinet.

The small drawer measures 7" in height and the large drawer measures 15" in height.

Sale Price: $65 / small drawer.

$85 / large drawer

*minimum order of 2 drawers per cabinet

Extra Shelves


Extra shelves can be added to any cabinet.

The upper and base cabinets each come standard with 1 adjustable shelf.

The tower cabinet comes standard with 4 shelves - 3 are adjustable and 1 is fixed.

If you desire more shelves, just let us know in which cabinet(s) and how many.

Sale Price: $24 / shelf

Hanging Rods

Customize your tower cabinet!

Chrome Hanging Rods can be installed in any tower cabinet. It is a chrome, oval shaped hanging rod that shines with lasting appeal - that also does not bend - so you can hang many winter coats, hunting jackets, work shirts and more in the tower cabinets.

Exceptional quality, chrome hanging rods makes for functional storage!

Sale Price: $37 / Hanging Rod

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