Extended Lengths

11 feet 8 inches long set of cabinets. 

Extended lengths is for those who have a longer garage wall and wish to optimize the additional space with storage cabinets.

Being modular, it is very easy to add to our standard 7' long run of cabinets.

All of our cabinets are built to exactly 28” wide. So to have a longer run of cabinets, the running length will increase by 28” for each additional cabinet requested. All you need to decide is if you want to add a tower, or an upper and base cabinet with an extended metal counter top.

If you need help deciding, always feel welcome to ask. We will gladly do our best to help you optimize your storage requirements! 

The Next 28"

Add another tower, or a upper & base cabinet configuration with an extended counter top.

Extended length is 9 Feet, 4” long.

Sale Price: $2,799

Double It Up to 4' 8"

Longer Still?

Again, add any combination of cabinets to suit your storage needs.

Extended length is now 11 Feet, 8” long


Sale Price: $3,599

Two Sets Combined

Doors off. 6 sections of 28" for a total of 14' of cabinets

Doors installed. Clean, Tidy and Organized! 


Save $200 off a set of cabinets by ordering 14 feet! 

If you have the room (nice garage!), you can always order 2 sets of 7' long run of cabinets bringing your extended lengths total to 14 Feet of storage capacity!

2 Sets Combined Sales Price: $3,999

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