Exceptional Wall Organization with our Slatwall Systems!

Every garage can use some thoughtful, well placed organization systems.


Flow Wall Panels and Accessories are excellent for their versatility in fulfilling your goal of a well organized garage or other storage room in your home. (such as: Laundry, Furnace and Mud Rooms!)

  • If you would like to park your truck in your garage and have room for all of your gear, then you will enjoy what our Flow Wall system can do for you!

All the Accessories snap into place and are very easy to pop back out and locate in a different location. All Flow Wall panels have a neat Spring Assist design feature that uses a groove to hold the accessory in place with a spring. They are simple to adjust if needed and won't fall out every time you move your gear around.  

Even better, all of our Flow Wall Panels can be installed directly to bare studs! If your walls are unfinished, you won't need any drywall or the cost associated with adding drywall with all the mud, tape and painting required to finish your garage.

Flow Wall Panels

Our premium Flow Wall Panels are available in White and Black, are in stock and ready for install!


 Panels come in a box of 6. Giving you a total coverage of 48 sqft. Available in either white or silver.

  • 1 box (6 panels) sale price: $250 + tax
  • Includes everything needed for install!
  • 96 Color matching screws, all finish and connecting end trim pieces!

Want professional installation?

We can take care of the installation for you for

$18 + tax per panel.

Order online today!

  • We accept Visa and Mastercard for all Flow Wall orders!

Out West Garage will confirm your order as soon as it is received or by the following business day to schedule your delivery. Orders typically delivered in less than 3 business days!

If you want to customize your order, give us a call at (403) 616-7816 and we can hook you up!

Delivery is included anywhere in Calgary, Alberta!

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