Garage LED Lighting

With everyone turning to cost effective LED lighting to help reduce our every increasing utility bills, why not spread the love of LED lighting to your darkened garage, basement or utility rooms? Our Tri-Light packs a lot of light. At 3,000 lumens per bulb and 50,000 rated hours of life, the dark shall reign no more!


Installation is a breeze

No more expensive 8 foot long fluorescent ballasts and fixtures needed! While we are at it, forget needing an electrician either.

Just turn the Tri-Light in as you would any other bulb. We try not to judge, but if you are one of those 'other' types of people, just hold the bulb up to the socket and allow the whole world to revolve around ya and it will install just as easy for you as it does for us who manually twist it in! Win, win, win for all!!

Motion activated

Each Tri-light comes with a built-in switch to turn on / off the motion sensor. Just open the door and, "Oh, hey there, I can see!!"




Adjustable arms to light up dark corners

Not only is the Tri-Light an awesome innovated light visually, each arm can be individually adjusted to direct light as needed. At 3,000 lumens per bulb these Tri-lights are incredibly bright. As it states in the Word, direct the arms as needed towards the darkened areas of your garage and proclaim "Let there be LIGHT!"

Order yours Today!

Each Tri-light retails for $209.99. As with our Garage Cabinets, we always include shipping and handling. 

Our standing offer is if you order a minimum of 2 Tri-Lights, Instantly Save 10% per Tri-Light at $188.99!

Contact Out West Garage for more information and to order yours today! We ship clear across Canada with Canada Post at no additional charge to you!

Garage and Basement LED TRi-Light is sold exclusively in Canada by Out West Garage. Contact us TODAY

Garage and Basement LED TRi-Light is sold exclusively in Canada by Out West Garage. Contact us TODAY