Garage Parking Sensor

Saving marriages one parked car at a time!

Well lets face it, how irritated do we get when the car is parked too close to the wall, or not far enough inside the garage to be able to get around either side of your vehicle? Our parking sensor is practically heaven sent! It mounts to the wall and will ensure both spouses will park the car in the exact same spot each time.... unless someone is texting and runs the red light then, well, we can't be held liable for that!!


Great parking starts here

Our parking sensor mounts easily to the wall, out of the way and even comes with a convenient walkway light. The sensor will begin to sense the car around 6 feet away and will light up green, then turn to yellow when you are close to where you want your car parked, then finally red for exactly where you are to stop. To set it up, all you have to do is have the car parked exactly where you want it to be every time. Locate the sensor to a flat part of the hood or bumper and hit the set button. That's it! Have the traffic light portion up higher on the wall so you can see it easily as you drive in.

Conversations will turn from "why can't you ever park the car in the right spot" to

"WOW my Darling!, when did you get so good at your garage parking skills; you are amazing!!"


No more tee ball time

For lots of folks, tennis balls have been the parking solution. Then we have had kids, namely boys, who started out as toddlers dreaming about one day of being a baseball player as they stood in awe of a ball that magically would defy gravity by levitating in the middle of the garage. To one day that toddler had grown into a 7 year old who knows how to swing a stick and that tennis ball is nowhere to be found. "Ugh, why did you park so close to the wall again? Where is that tennis ball gone to?" the parents would state to each other and ask. To which the child would lovingly reply: "Who knows, but you should've seen the game winning grand slam homer I hit to win the World Series, it was EPIC!!"


No parking curb needed

Well if we haven't convinced you by now this parking sensor is a game changer (or a game-ender for a particular 7 year old previously mentioned), then nothing will! However, it also beats another solution people have tried with a parking curb placed on the floor. It works great when the car is parked, but quite the tripping hazard and easily gets knocked around intentionally or not when the car is not in the garage by kids, spouses... etc.

For less than $60, including the batteries, whats not to love about our Garage Parking Sensor?

Contact Out West Garage today and we will get you parking like a champ in no time!